Personal trainers typically train out of a passion for being healthy, fit and active. They're not normally the type of people who could stomach a desk job or sit alone at a desk ‘paper pushing’. It's a job that starts out with heart, motivation and a love for all things fitness... Our Personal Trainer is involved in 1:1 exercise prescription and instruction, and motivates our clients by setting goals and providing helpful feedback. Strengths and weaknesses are also measured with fitness assessments and education and with personalised guidance you can push yourself further than you ever thought you could... It's also a great way to make your gym sessions more efficient.

We work as a team, so our Personal Trainer will always refer you to the physios for further advice if required. Sessions take place within our gym, where there is a relaxed atmosphere, and with every session aiming to be different and fun achieving your goals can be easy.

Call now and let us help you fulfill your true fitness potential.

You are the extra motivation I need. Amy

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