How will Pilates benefit you?

Pilates will help you strengthen and condition your whole body with a focus on slow, controlled and flowing movement. Pilates exercises will help with your deep core and outer core muscles as well as your arms and legs, giving you a unique workout which will help you to:

  • Reduce joint, back and muscle pain
  • Improve overall stability
  • Improve posture and spinal strength and stability
  • Increase muscle strength and endurance
  • Increase flexibility
  • Establish good breathing techniques
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Establish stress relieving techniques

Lizzie McDermott is the physiotherapist who runs our 1:1 and Pilates classes. Please ask for an assessment to see if Pilates is right for you.

Please email Lizzie on

What our patients say:

“Lizzie is an excellent Pilates teacher. She really knows her subject and is empathetic to individual needs and capabilities ensuring the right exercises at the right level.” Bev

“I am finding your pilates sessions extremely beneficial , thanks. I think they contain the right mix of instruction , execution and correction! I really believe you will banish my back ache in the near future.” Mark

You are the extra motivation I need. Amy

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